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David-Andersen Saga series Viking replica tie-clip

Product no.: 1506

The leading Norwegian silversmith, David-Andersen (see bio) launched a series called ' Saga' in the 1960s. These items took their inspiration from prehistoric finds from the year AD 300 to 1000, later deposited with the Oslo historical museum.. The  Celtic knot motif of these attactive Sterling silver rectangular cufflinks,  is based on a archeological find at Oseberg, around 850 AD at the height of the Viking period. 

Have you seen the matching cufflinks, item 0289? 

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Denmark Willy Kromar silver Deco foliage cufflinks

Product no.: 0882

Here is a fabulous pair of silver cufflinks by the renowned Danish cufflinks specialist, Willy Kromar, who worked from 1943 to 83.  These cufflinks are in the late Art Deco style, with functionalist grooves front and back, with a central foliage decoration, 

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Eiler & Marløe modernist silver cufflinks and tieclip

Product no.: 1359

Here is a rare opportunity to purchase a substantial pair of silver cufflinks with matching tieclip by the renowned Danish silversmith company Eiler and Marløe, who were registered from 1920 to 1967.  What appear to be ultra simple grooves resemble a Greek pattern on closer inspection.  They also feature E&M's trademark Art Deco backs.

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GIFA silver abstract ridged cufflinks

Product no.: 1061

Here is a nice pair of Sterling silver rectangular cufflinks by the Danish company GIFA (Guldsmedenes Indkoebsforening).

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GIFA silver gilt cufflinks

Product no.: 1057

Here is a nice pair of engine turned (gulloche)  and silver gilt (vermeil) rectangular cufflinks by the Danish company GIFA (Guldsmedenes Indkoebsforening).

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Holmsen Sterling enamel winter landscape tie clip

Product no.: 0743

Here is a wonderful guilloche and painted enamel Nordic winter landscape with a reindeer pulling a sleigh. It as made by the renowned Norwegian enamelist , Aksel Holmsen

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Jens Tage Hansen Sterling freeform cufflinks

Product no.: 1526

Here is an unusual pair of Sterling silver cufflinks by the Danish silversmithy of Jens Tage Hansen, which is better known for the production of jewellery with Greenland themes.  These cufflinks appear to simply be freeform coils, but on closer inspection these may represent a monogram, commissioned by an individual client. 

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Kalevala Koru St John's Arms cufflinks

Product no.: 1507

These lovely Sterling silver cufflinks in their original box, were made by Kalevala Koru, a Finnish jewellery company which started its activities in the 1930s during the growing awareness of Finnish identity and heritage, specialising in replicas of historical finds  The design, formed from a single ribbon  was adopted as St John's Arms, but long before this association it was thought to have a protective force, and  was carved into picture stones and wooden objects all over northern Europe,  the oldest being a pair 1000 year old of wooden skis in Finland.  

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Kupittaan Kulta Sterling black labradorite cufflinks

Product no.: 1609

Here is an elegant pair of Sterling silver cufflinks by Eilis Kauppi for his renowned company Kupittaan Kulta of Finland.  At first I thought these cufflinks featured onyx stones, but on close inspection I noticed a fine light sheen in places, which led me to believe that these stones are black labradorite, a stone found in Finland. 

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Kupittaan Kulta Sterling silver Tiger Eye cufflinks

Product no.: 1200

Here is a substantial pair of solid Sterling silver cufflinks by Elis Kauppi for his company Kupittaan Kulta of Finland. The thick oval fronts are inland with a slice of tiger eye. 


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Munksgaard large silver grooved tie clip

Product no.: 1529

Here is a very large, classically elegant  silver tieclip reminiscient of the work of Hans Hansen. It was made by the Danish silversmithy Fir.Munksgaard, registered in Fåborg until 1973.

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N E From silver round cufflnks

Product no.: 0528

Here is a pair of classically elegant mid century round cufflinks by the renowned Danish silversmith Niels Erik From (see bio). The silver cabochon is encircled by a silver braid , both set in a silver dish.

£70.00 *
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Royal Copenhagen 'Blue Fluted' cufflinks

Product no.: 0740

Here is a lovely pair of round porcelain cufflinks by the Royal Danish Porcelain Manufactory. The design is taken from the flower in the famous 'Blue Fluted' pattern. The porcelain button is set in a gold-tone frame.

£42.00 *
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Royal Copenhagen / Anton Michelsen large porcelain + silver cufflinks

Product no.: 0987

Here is a fabulous pair of cufflinks which emerged from the Royal Copenhagen/ Anton Michelsen collaboration. The designers were the ceramicist Bodil Buch and and the silversmith Jens Windfeld Hansen, who worked together at Royal Copenhagen between 1969 and 1974.

The front of this large cufflink consists of a large square tray of silver, into which are set 9 brown and white porcelain segments moulded together, rather like on a bar of chocolate. 


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Siersbøl Sterling matt gilt cufflinks

Product no.: 0584

Here is a nice pair of classlically elegant cufflinks by the prolific Danish silversmith, Herman Siersbøl (see bio). These lightweight softly square cufflinks are silver gilt and have a matt top surface.

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Ulrich Sterling silver triangular cufflinks

Product no.: 1159

Here is a substantial pair of triangular facetted cufflinks by a Danish company which used a script signature, simply Ulrich.

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Ulrichsen Sterling silver softly triangular cufflinks

Product no.: 1714

Here is a nice pair of Sterling silver, softly triangular and concave cufflinks by the Danish silversmith Henning Ulrichsen, whose workshop was first registered in 1962. The company continues today under the second generation.

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Volmer Bahner white enamel tie clip

Product no.: 1454

Here is a very rare Sterling silver modernist tie clip by the Danish enamel specialist, Volmer Bahner. It features a guilloche white enamel square set on the silver gilt tie clip. 

£40.00 *
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WK silver deco cufflinks

Product no.: 1062

Lovely silver cufflinks in the late Art Deco midcentury style by the Danish silversmith  Ernst Willy Knudsen, who was registered from 1941-73.

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46 - 64 of 64 results