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Carrick Mackintosh-style Sterling silver medium rectangular brooch

Product no.: 1908

Here is a medium sized Sterling silver rectangular brooch by the Glasgow silversmith Carrick Jewellery Ltd. The design is inspired by the leaf and grid patterns often seen in the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the Scottish Art Nouveau architect and designer. 

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Ivar Holth Sterling vermeil yellow enamel brooch

Product no.: 2044

Here is a splendid Sterling silver vermeil (gilt) brooch by the famous Norwegian silversmith Ivar T Holth (see bio).  The wave pattern gulillocheed under the yellow enamel of the swirling shape with scalloped not unfamilar, but usually appears as a single. I have never seen a double before. 

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Aksel Holmsen early white enamel brooch

Product no.: 1128

Here is an interesting little Sterling silver brooch by the esteemed Norwegian silversmith Aksel Holmsen. The rectangular brooch features filigree spirals and 4 white guilloche 'buttons' 

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Anton Michelsen Eigil Jensen green enamel leaf brooch

Product no.: 0191

This superb brooch was designed by Eigil Jensen for the leading Danish silvermith Anton Michelsen (see profile). Eigil Jensen trained with Hans Hansen and then joined joined Anton Michelsen in 1943 and stayed for 40 years, rising to the post of Production Manager.

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Anton Michelsen Sterling silver feather brooch

Product no.: 1299

Here is a lovely Sterling silver brooch which I believe is in the form of a feather. It was designed by Gertrud Engel for the leading Danish silversmith Anton Michelsen, 

Have you seen the matching ear clips, item 1300 ? 


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Danish 'Skønvirke' silver brooch

Product no.: 0306

Fabulous example of the Danish artistic style called Skønvirke, (literal translation is 'aesthetic product'). It emerged at the end of the 19th century, and can be compared to the British Arts & Crafts movement and the European Art Nouveau or Jugendstil. However, the Danish style and the works produced, differed from the other European movements both in philosophy and design. The underlying motivation was to produce handmade goods which were both beautiful and affordable. When it came to the production of jewellery, the artists abandoned gold and diamonds in favour of silver and semi-precious stones. Very few silversmiths signed their work, as is the case with this gorgeous organic creation, heavily influenced by the artist Bindesbøll.

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David-Andersen trefoil Viking Saga brooch

Product no.: 1633

David Andersen's 1960s "Saga" series included of copies of prehistoric finds deposited in the Oslo historical museum.  The original of this brooch was found on the Kvarberg Hill near Vågå in central Norway..

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Georg Jensen -Jørgen Jensen - Sterling Brooch 310

Product no.: 0912

Here is a fabulous brooch by one of Georg Jensen's sons, Jørgen Jensen. Born in 1895, Jørgen became a silversmith, but did not join the company until the 1930s,  when he created this,his most famous design, in he Art Deco functionalist style.  

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Georg Jensen brooch 234B by Gundorph Albertus

Product no.: 1244

Here is a delightful brooch in the Art Deco style designed by Gundorph Albertus for Georg Jensen.

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Georg Jensen Sterling silver dolphins lapel pin by Arno Malinowski

Product no.: 1243

Here is a lovely Sterling silver lapel pin with 2 fying dolphins by the Danish silversmithy Georg Jensen. It was designed by Arno Malinowski, the Art Deco master of animal motifs in the 1930s. 

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Hans Hansen Sterling silver hearts brooch

Product no.: 1934

Here is an extremely rare Sterling silver brooch by the illustrious Danish silversmithy Hans Hansen (see bio). I have never seen this version of Karl Gustav Hansen's famous heart series before, and it is a perfect match for the bracelet, item 0774. 

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Henry Andersen Sterling silver functionalist bar brooch

Product no.: 1829

Here is a strictly simple curved Sterling silver bar brooch in the Art Deco Functionalist style. It was made by the Danish silversmith Henry Andersen, whose workshop in Roskilde was registered from 1943 to 1973.

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Herman Siersbøl Sterling foliage brooch

Product no.: 1293

Here is a lovely Sterling silver midcentury foliage brooch by the prolific Danish silversmith Herman Siersbøl (see bio).

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HN silver and gilt leaf and catkin brooch

Product no.: 0299

Here is a dramatic foliage brooch featuring catkins in silver gilt hanging from silver leaves. It is by the Danish silversmith Holger Noersgaard who was based in Aarhus from 1945 to 1973.

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Hugo Grün silver chain brooch

Product no.: 1830

Here is an interesting silver brooch by the esteemed Danish silversmithy Hugo Grün (see bio). The open oval design is made of a flattened double chain.

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Jens Tage Hansen black enamel brooch

Product no.: 1450

Here is an interesting Sterling enamel brooch by the Danish silversmith Jens Tage Hansen. He opened his workshop in Copenhagen in 1954, and specialised in Greenland motifs (see bio), but also produced mainstream modernist jewellery, sometimes with enamel.

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KOPI large Sterling silver replica Viking ship brooch

Product no.: 1502

This substantial Sterling silver Viking ship brooch was made by Museums Kopi Smykker, the Danish company which specialises in producing true replicas of archaeological finds. It is no 411 in the catalogue and is described as found in a Viking grave near Lillevang on the island of Bornholm. It is dated between 800 and 1050 AD. 

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Kopi replica bronze Viking brooch w/box

Product no.: 0026

This extraordinary brooch was made by Museums Kopi Smykker, the Danish company which specialises in producing true replicas of archaeological finds. This brooch is no.469 in an older catalogue, and is a copy of an 11th century brooch in the Ringerike style found on the island of Gotland in Sweden. It is not currently available from their on-line shop Qualifies for lower postal rate.

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Lauritz Jensen midcentury silver bar brooch

Product no.: 2011

Here is a delightful silver bar brooch in the midcentury style with a silver cabochin and scrolls. It ws made by the Danish silversmith Lauritz Jensen, active from 1918 to 37. 

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Orkney ceramic Ingaborg Viking Runes brooch

Product no.: 1515

Here is an interesting ceramic brooch from Orkney, Scotland. It features an 11th century Viking runic inscription praising 'Ingaborg the Fair'.  With original leaflet.   This item  qualifies for a lower postal rate which will be refunded after purchase. 

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Ortak Malcolm Gray modernist smoky quartz 'Cairngorm' brooch

Product no.: 1000

Here is a modernist silver brooch created by Malcolm Gray for his Orkney company, Ortak (see bio). The dynamic bands of silver hold a traditionally facetted and claw set smoky quartz stone, also known as a Cairngorm in Scotland, after the mountain district where they are found.

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Ortak modernist agate brooch

Product no.: 1221

Here is a wonderful example of the early modernist work of Malcolm Gray, who founded his company Ortak on Orkney in the late 1960s. The sturdy circular frame holds bands of silver and an oval agate cabochon

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Ortak Sterling St Magnus Brooch

Product no.: 1223

This Sterling silver celtic / nordic shield brooch by Ortak (see profile) commemorates St Magnus and the spirit of Orkney. In 1137, a beautiful cathedral was founded in Kirkwall, Orkney, in memory of Magnus the Martyr. Built in warm red and yellow sandstone, gracefully decorated, Saint Magnus Cathedral remains the spiritual heart of these island.

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Per Ericsson Sterling silver mid-century floral brooch

Product no.: 1997

Here is a lovely Sterling silver floral brooch by the Swedish silversmithy Per Ericsson Stilsmykkan

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KOPI replica Viking Age bronze Urnæs brooch

Product no.: 0370

This extraordinary brooch was made by Museums Kopi Smykker, the Danish company which specialises in producing true replicas of archaeological finds. It is no 404 in the catalogue and comes with the following description: " Fibula in Urnæs style found in Denmark. The many woodcarvings of Urnæs church in southern Norway has given name to the style. The motif is a supple animal in a fight with two snakes,  symbolising Christianity's battle with Paganism". The brooch is supplied in its original box.

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Tinsmedene Denmark pewter shield brooch

Product no.: 1864

Here is a nice pewter shield brooch by the Danish company Tinsmedene, which means 'the pewter smiths'.

Qualifies for lower postal rate. Difference refunded after dispatch

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46 - 71 of 71 results