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Georg Jensen Sterling silver 1994 Annual heritage pendant

Product no.: 1601

Since 1988, the Danish silversmithy has been introducing an annual heritage series, where the motif is taken from the Jensen  designs of the early 1900s.  On this one,  issued in 1994, the design of the foliage resembles that on brooch number 75.  It is supplied with a nice paper-clip chain, similar to the Jensen version.

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Georg Jensen silver 2004 Heritage pendant

Product no.: 1602

For nearly 30 years, Georg Jensen has followed a tradition of launching an Annual Heritage Jewellery Collection. The 2004 centenary collection was base on a 1904 design by Georg Jensen, which I have seen on his brooch no.164.  

£165.00 *
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Hans Jensen silver leaf and scroll pendant + chain

Product no.: 2005

Here is a lovely mid-century leaf and scroll pendant by the esteemed Danish silversmith Hans Jensen (see bio).  it is supplied with a silver chain

£75.00 *
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Heidi Klum quilted heart & clover pendant + chain

Product no.: 0410

OK - so this is not Scandinavian at all, but I could not resist including this delightful pendant in the catalogue, especially in the run-up to Valentine's day.

£29.00 *
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J Hull gold-plated necklace w glass pendant

Product no.: 1570

Here is an outstanding necklace by the renowned jewellery artist Jacob Hull, who probably produced the most extreme examples of brutalist jewellery in Denmark during the 1970s and 1980s (see bio).


£245.00 *
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Jacob Hull unica silvertone and stone necklace

Product no.: 1201

Here is an outstanding one-of-a-kind piece of  wearable modern  art  by the highly creative Danish maker Jacob Hull (see bio).  The silver-plated neckpiece is set with two stones, as well as a larger one suspended as a pendant.  The neckpiece hangs from chains at either side. 

£195.00 *
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JeB huge silvertone circles pendant

Product no.: 1204

Here is a huge silvertone pendant in the machine age, brutalist style by the Danish company using the initials J.E.B. I think this may represent John Erik  Boolsen,  Copenhagen, 1961 -84.  Numerous rings have been piled up onto the square plate - looking like the discard from a mechanics workshop.

The pendant has an integral chain

£65.00 *
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Jyde-Kunst pewter red pendant

Product no.: 1419

Here is a nice pewter pendant by the Danish company Jyde Kunst (Jutland art). It features a transparent red cabochon (plastic?)  and would be a good match for the Logeskov bracelet, item 1418.  On its own, it qualifies for the lower postal rate an the difference will be refunded after purchase.  It is supplied with a pewter-coloured metal chain. 

£19.00 *
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Jørgen Jensen pewter green lozenge pendant + chain

Product no.: 1860

Here is a fabulous pendant by the Danish pewter specialist Jørgen Jensen (see bio). It features 2 domed transparent green perspex insert,s with great light reflections. This is a really ingenious design which Jensen used with different colour combinations. It is supplied with a metal chain. Reduced price due to minor condition issues , as below.

Lower postal rate applies. Difference refunded after purchase

£49.00 *
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Kit Heath silver Trefoil Trinity necklace

Product no.: 1913

Here is a delightful Sterling silver necklace featuring a trefoil knot central link. It was made by the award-winning British silversmith Kit Heath.  The trefoil design harks back to the Celtic symbol for the natural forces of earth, water and air. It was later adopted by Christianity to represent the holy Trinity. 

£55.00 *
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Kjeldahl silver-plate brutalist pendant

Product no.: 1879

Here is a large, handmade pendant in the brutalist style by a Danish maker called Kjeldahl.  The metal has been silverplated and the surface textured.  A large amount of silver has been added to the front and crudely shaped.  Supplied with matching chain. 

£55.00 *
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Kupittaan Kulta Finland golfer pendant

Product no.: 0001

I believe this pendant to be by the Finnish company Kupittaan Kulta, even though it does not bear the usual anvil mark, but the makers mark "NB" for Nina Breddal, who marketed products for Kupittaan Kulta in the UK.

Have you seen the elephant pendant (0833) and the fish pendant (0832)?

£40.00 *
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Kupittaan Kulta silver/gold elephant pendant + chain

Product no.: 0833

Here is a very rare and interesting pendant by the Finnish silversmith Elis Kauppi of Kupittaan Kulta. The gold-plated elephant figure is set into a flat rectangular frame. 

Have you seen the golfer pendant (0001) and the fish pendant (0832)? 

£45.00 *
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N.E.From Sterling onyx pendant + chain

Product no.: 1467

Here is a nice little onyx pendant by the Danish modernist master, N.E.From (see bio).  The Sterling silver setting is one of From's favourite designs. The pendant is supplied with a Sterling silver box chain, which can be subsituted for a finer one on request.

£75.00 *
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Orrica silver floral pendant + chain

Product no.: 2003

Here is a fabulous mid-century silver floral pendant by theSize Danish silversmith ORRICA.  Supplied with a silver chain

£125.00 *
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Ortak silver Scottish Thistle pendant + chain

Product no.: 1648

Here is a lovely silver pendant + chain by Malcolm Gray for his company Ortak, based in the Orkney Isles.  The motif is a ring of thistles, the national flower of Scotland. 

£49.00 *
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Pertti Peuri bronze abstract pendant + chain

Product no.: 1988

Here is an unusual fire-gilt bronze pendant in an abstract design of textures and smooth balls. It was probably made by the Finnish silversmith Pertti Peuri in the late 1960s. Supplied with a matching chain

£65.00 *
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Pertti Peuri bronze and amethyst pendant + chain

Product no.: 1384

Here is a fabulous bronze pendant from Finland in an abstract sculptural design, probably by the artist Pertti Peuri. It features a large oval rough amethyst stone. . It is supplied with a nice, bronze-coloured chain (not original).

£85.00 *
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Sarpaneva large bronze 'pitsi' pendant + chain

Product no.: 1984

Here is a magnificent bronze pendant by the Finnish designer Pentti Sarpaneva (see bio).  The design of this large circular pendant is based on Karelian embroidery patterns, and is part of series called 'pitsi'.  It is supplied with a bronze-coloured chain. 


£85.00 *
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Siersbøl Sterling silver Art Nouveau style pendant + chain

Product no.: 1564

Here's a lovely pendant by the prolific Danish silversmith Herman Siersbøl  (see bio). It is in the Danish Art Nouveau (Skønvirke) style, with a central cabochon framed by semi-circles and balls. It is supplied with a nice chain

£68.00 *
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Siersbøl Sterling silver multistrand necklace with gilt ball

Product no.: 1499

Here is an unusual and very attractive Sterling silver necklace by the prolific Danish silversmith Herman Siersbøl (see bio). The necklace comprises 15 fine oxidised chain and features a freely moving silver  gilt ball within an equally freely moving  silver receptacle.

£125.00 *
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Smykkesmeden silver-tone pendant with stone + chain

Product no.: 1581

Here is a huge stone pendant encased in a silver-plated metal in the brutalist style.  It has an integral chain. It was made by the Danish company Smykkesmeden

£55.00 *
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Uni David-Andersen bronze pendant/brooch

Product no.: 1949

Here is a huge bronze pendant / brooch by the Norwegian designer Unn Tangerud, who worked in the studio workshop set up by Uni David-Andersen in 1959.  The design of this fabulous piece is both modern and ancient, with hints from a time when the sun was worshipped. I am supplying this with a bronzed chain. 

£125.00 *
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WK claw pendant with quartz ball + chain

Product no.: 0402

This interesting pendant features a realistic bird claw holding a ball of light pink quartz. It appears to have been made by the Copenhagen silversmith Wartkes Kirakossian, active since 1975. It is supplied with a fine bead chain.

£30.00 *
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ÅA pewter wheel pendant

Product no.: 1034

Here is a substantial  pewter pendant in the shape of a wheel, by a Danish maker with the initials ÅA.  It is supplied  with a base metal chain. 

Lower postal rate applies. Difference refunded after shipping

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46 - 70 of 70 results