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Mackintosh style bracelet

Product no.: 1225

Here is a delightful Sterling silver bracelet in the style of Scottish archiitect and designer Charles Rennie |Mackintosh. There is no marker's mark

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Midcentury Danish silver bracelet

Product no.: 2007

Here is a substantial mid-century Danish bracelet, with 7 links of rings and ball decorations, typical of the period.  The Danish maker remains unknown.

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N.E.From Sterling amber bangle

Product no.: 1457

Here is a fabulous Sterling silver arm cuff featuring two amber cabochons. It was made by the renowned Danish silversmith  Niels Erik From (see bio).


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N.E.From Sterling cream bangle

Product no.: 0210

Here is a lovely modernist bangle bracelet by the renowned Danish silversmith N.E. From (see bio). The cream-coloured stone (I am not sure whether this is bone or an artificial stone) is set in an open-backed silver setting.. The band of the bangle becomes wider at the back. The band is clipped into the silver setting.

£99.00 *
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N.E.From Sterling horseshoe bracelet

Product no.: 1466

Here is a traditional horseshoe bracelet by the renowned Danish silversmith Niels Erik From.  This early piece has been embellished with a flower within each horseshoe.  Have you seen the matching brooch, item 1465?  Buy them both and receive £10 cashback.

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N.E.From Sterling malachite bracelet

Product no.: 2049

Here is a fabulous and very rare  bracelet made by the illustrious Danish silversmith Niels Erik From (see bio).  There are five links, each consisting of a large malachite cabochon set in Sterling silver and surrounded by a wreath of flowers and leaves. This design was one of From's most famous in the 1940s and 50s. 

Have you seen the matching brooch, item 2048? 

£295.00 *
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N.E.From Sterling rose quartz bracelet

Product no.: 1464

Here is a lovely rose quartz bracelet by the Danish modernist master Niels Erik From (see bio). The design incorporates From's signature design of an off centre cabochon in a partially oxidised dish. There are 10 of these dishes on this bracelet. It also features From's signature clasp.

£235.00 *
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N.E.From Sterling silver green agate open bangle

Product no.: 1963

Here is a fabulous rigid Sterling silver armcuff by the Danish modernist master Niels Erik From. (see bio ). It features a beautiful green agate stone,

£165.00 *
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N.E.From Sterling silver ovals bracelet

Product no.: 2188

Here is a deceptively simple and sleek Sterling silver bracelet by the Danish modernist master, Niels Erik From (see bio).  It comprises 9 slightly convex overlapping oval links. 

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Randers Sterling silver rough amethyst arm cuff

Product no.: 1207

Here is a fabulous Sterling silver armcuff with a rough amethyst stone by the Danish silversmithy Randers Silver, established 1968.

Matching pendant - item 1208

£95.00 *
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S Falk Andersen silver bangle with amber dangles

Product no.: 1543

Here is a highly original - if not unique - silver bangle by the Danish silversmith Sven Falk Andersen, whose studio was registered from 1946 to 1989 in Nykøbing , on the island of Falster.  The flexible bangle has ends bent outwards. These are adorned with amber freely swinging nuggets.

£125.00 *
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Sarpaneva bronze bark bracelet

Product no.: 1381

Here is a rare opportunity to purchase a magnificent bronze bracelet by the Finnish artist Pentti Sarpaneva (see bio ). The design belongs to his 'bark' series.  

£110.00 *
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Scandia silver grapes bracelet

Product no.: 1546

Here is a lovely traditional mid-century  bracelet  with 6 links featuring grape leaves and grapes. It was made by Scandia Affineringsværk, registered in Copenhagen and Hornbæk from 1943 to 82

£72.00 *
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Schølle Art nouveau silver bracelet

Product no.: 1552

Here is a beautiful Art nouveau silver bracelet by the Danish silversmith Schølle

£95.00 *
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Siersbøl Sterling bracelet with lilac stones, 7" / 18cm

Product no.: 0485

Lovely Sterling silver bracelet with clear lilac coloured stones by the prolific Danish silversmith Herman Siersbøl (see bio).

£70.00 *
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Smykkesmeden silvertoneTiger Eye bangle

Product no.: 1195

Here is a wonderful tiger -eye stone mounted on a cuff bangle  by the Danish company Smykkesmeden.  The tiger -eye stone is framed by poured and coiled silver (plate). 

£55.00 *
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Svein Solberg Sterling silver lapis bangle

Product no.: 2116

Here is a delightful Sterling silver bangle featuring an oval lapis lazuli stone. It was made by the Danish silversmith Svein Solberg for his company Sun-Gem, basedon the island of Funen since 1985

£85.00 *
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Victor Janson Sterling silver amazonite bangle

Product no.: 1995

Here is a well-designed Sterling silver modernist bangle featuring a domed blueish amazonite stone.  It was made by the Swedish silversmithy Victor Jansen, which was registered from 1947 to 2009

£99.00 *
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Viggo Pedersen Art Deco silver bracelet

Product no.: 1812

Here is an unusual silver Art Deco bracelet by the Copenhagen silversmith Viggo Pedersen, whose workshop was registered from 1928 to 1974

£85.00 *
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Volmer Bahner black enamel bracelet

Product no.: 0320

Here is a nice silver-gilt and black enamel bracelet by the esteemed Danish enamallist, Volmer Bahner (see bio)

£145.00 *
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46 - 65 of 65 results