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Flora Danica parsley ring, size L or N

Product no.: 0285

Flora Danica was established in 1953, based on an idea to coat Danish herbs and flowers with silver and then 18ct gold turning them into enchanting pieces of jewellery. This dainty little ring features the most successful herb in the range, the parsley leaf. Split shank, so is adjustable upwards Size N is set with a small stone

£50.00 *
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Georg Jensen Torun Mobius ring 369, size M/N

Product no.: 1920

Fabulous Sterling silver ring designed by Vivianna Torun Bulöw-Hube for Georg Jensen. This ingenious design, a continuous double ring,  belongs to the Mobius collection. It is supplied in a Georg Jensen pouch.  

£199.00 *
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Georg Jensen Koppel silver ring 125, Size L

Product no.: 1592

Here is a wonderful Sterling silver ring designed by  Henning Koppel for arguably the world's leading silversmithy Georg Jensen. Koppel's innovative modernist biomorphic designs became icons for Danish Modern in the 1950s.

£195.00 *
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Georg Jensen silver 'Flip' ring, size N

Product no.: 1926

Here is a fabulous super sleek and simple Sterling silver ring by Gail Spence for Georg Jensen. Born in 1949 in the USA, she moved to Denmark in 1969 to study at the Goldsmiths’ College and has lived there ever since. She started her own workshop in 1974 and also designed for Hans Hansen and Georg Jensen.  But she has gained world renown for her designs for eyewear together with Prodesign. .

£225.00 *
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Hans Hansen Sterling ring by Allan Scharff, , produced by Georg Jensen, size M

Product no.: 1662

Here is an outstanding, very rare and large ring  designed by Allan Scharff for the illustrious Danish silversmithy Hans Hansen (see bio), but  stamped after its takeover by Georg Jensen in 1991. 

£295.00 *
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Hans Hansen Tiger Eye ring, size M,

Product no.: 1933

Here is a very rare Sterling silver ring with a tiger eye ball by the illustrious Danish silversmithy of Hans Hansen (see bio). I believe this wonderful ring was created by the great modernist Karl Gustav Hansen, judging by the stirrup-shaped curve in the shank.

£275.00 *
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Jens Asby silver tiger eye ring, size L,

Product no.: 1738

Here is a huge tiger eye ring by the celebrated Danish silversmith Jens Asby, who worked in Copenhagen from 1960 until the end of the century. He is renowned for his large-scale, dramatic pieces with sleek modernist designs. 

£175.00 *
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JJ Denmark silvertone agate ring, adjustable size

Product no.: 1205

Here is a substantial silvertone ring made in Denmark. I have not been able to identify the maker, who uses a conjoined reverse J as his mark, possibly Jørgen Jensen.  An agate stone is held by claws  set in the dish of  this solid square ring.  The ring shank is adjustable. This ring looks unworn

£55.00 *
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KOPI Sterling Viking age ring, 2 sizes available P or V

Product no.: 0024

Here is a copy of a Viking age ring, the braided design of which seems just as popular today as back then. It is still in the catalogue of Museumskopi Smykker, priced at £75 .--- 

£40.00 *
In stock

Lapponia Sterling silver craggy ring, size P

Product no.: 1604

Here is a fabulous Sterling silver ring by the leading silversmith of Finland, Lapponia (see bio).  The ring is a small sculptural masterpiece, with smooth and matt silver folded into a rock and cave formation. It is characteristic of a Bjorn Weckstrom design, but I is not marked with his inititals.

£135.00 *
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M.P.Christoffersen Sterling silver ring, size P /7.75 / 56

Product no.: 1431

Here is a sleek and simple ring by the Danish modernist silversmith M.P.Christoffersen, whose studio in Nakskov on the island of Falster was registered from 1971 to 2008. 

£60.00 *
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MA Sterling onyx ring, size P - Q

Product no.: 0510

Here is an unsual onyx ring by the Danish silversmith Tommy Maindal, who has been active in Copenhagen since 1979. The ring band emerges from the base of the silver setting.

£35.00 *
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N E From Sterling lapis ring, size K-L /5.5

Product no.: 0669

Here is a ring in classical design with a large lapis lazuli stone by the Danish modernist master Niels Erik From (see bio). . 

£75.00 *
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N E From Sterling spiral ball ring, Size M

Product no.: 0401

Here is a classic ball ring by the Danish modernist master Niels Erik From (see bio). 

£75.00 *
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N.E.From Sterling 3 balls ring, size K, 5.5

Product no.: 1693

 Here is an unusual Sterling silver ring by the Danish modernist master, Niels Erik From. It features 3 freely articulating balls.

£70.00 *
In stock

N.E.From crumpled silver lapis ring, size N

Product no.: 1961

Here is a fabulous Sterling silver ring by the Danish modernist master, Niels, Erik From (see bio). The top of the ring has been crumpled, continuing into the top of the band, and there is a small lapis lazuli cabochon nestling inside the top. 

£80.00 *
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N.E.From Sterling domed rose quartz ring, size M- N

Product no.: 1088

Here is another rose quartz ring by the renowned Danish silversmith, Niels Erik From (see bio). The Sterling silver ring features a slightly domed rose quartz stone. 

£69.00 *
In stock

N.E.From Sterling rose quartz ring, R/9

Product no.: 1462

Here is a lovely rose quartz ring by the Danish modernist master Niels Erik From (see bio). The design incorporates From's signature design of an off centre cabochon in a partially oxidised dish. In this example the oxidisation covers most of the dish, but some of this can be removed if you want. 

£85.00 *
In stock

N.E.From Sterling round pellets ring, 2 sizes, J and M

Product no.: 0608

Here is an unusual ring by the Danish modernist master silversmith, Niels Erik From (see bio). Small pellets of silver have merged together and seem to float freely within the round silver frame.

Available in 2 sizes

£60.00 *
In stock

N.E.From Sterling silver oval ring, size L-M/6.5

Product no.: 1085

Here is a classically elegant oval Sterling silver ring by the renowned Danish silversmith Niels Erik From. The oval silver cabochon is set in a silver dish. The design is in the manner of Georg Jensen's ring 44B

£75.00 *
In stock

Poul Jensen Sterling cast ring, Size S

Product no.: 0549

Here is an unusual ring by the Danish silversmith Poul Erik Jensen, who worked in the Danish port of Frederikshavn between 1978 and 2001. This Sterling silver ring has been crumple cast and has a silky, patinated surface.

£38.00 *
In stock

Royal Copenhagen / A Michelsen ring

Product no.: 1309

When Royal Copenhagen Porcelain took over the Anton Michelsen silver company in 1968, designers from both disciplines were encouraged to collaborate (see profile). Here are an interesting ring by the artistic director of the Aluminia Fajence division of Royal Copenhagen, Nils Thorsson. 

£125.00 *
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Salovaara silver rose quartz ring, adj size

Product no.: 1373

Here is a wonderful silver rose quartz ring by the popular Finnish silversmithy Kultaseppa Salovaara, who were based in Turku from 1955 to 1988.  The rose quartz ball is held in the grip of a modernist claw setting.  This design is featured in Fred Rezazadeh's seminal book ' Collectible Silver Jewelry'. The band is open at the back and is adjustable.  

Have you seen the matching bangle, item 1374 ? 

£75.00 *
In stock

Sandek Sterling silver ring with amber ball. size P-Q

Product no.: 0822

Here is a really interesting ring by the Danish silversmith Sue Sandek, whose studio was registered from 1990-97. The ring features an amber ball set in a small dish atop a highly decorated ring band. 

£40.00 *
In stock

Siersbøl Sterling silver ring with 2 pearls, size O-P/ 7.5/56

Product no.: 1745

Here is a lovely, classically elegant Sterling silver ring by the prolific Danish siversmith Herman Siersbøl (see bio) The open ring shank holds 2 flawless pearls - the ring was purchased as new- old stock. 


£55.00 *
In stock

Siersbøl Sterling grapes ring, size L

Product no.: 0442

Here is a very unusual ring by the prolific Danish silversmith Herman Siersbøl (see profile). It comprises a bunch of grapes. The top of the ring has been soldered onto a simple but sturdy ring shank

£50.00 *
In stock

Siersbøl Sterling half scroll ring

Product no.: 0342

Here is a nice, extremely wearable ring by the prolific Danish silversmith Herman Siersbøl (see bio) Available in 3 sizes: M -N, O and P

£30.00 *
In stock

Siersbøl Sterling silver onyx ring, size P, 7.75,56

Product no.: 1773

Here is a classically elegant Sterling silver ring by the prolific Danish silversmith, Herman Siersbøl (see bio).  It features an oval onyx cabochon.

£55.00 *
In stock

SMK braided Sterling silver ring with stone, size P -Q

Product no.: 0819

Here is a nice partially braided Sterling siver ring set with a small clear stone. It was purchased in Denmark but I have been unable to identify the maker.

£36.00 *
In stock

Smykkesmeden silvertone Tiger Eye ring, adjustable

Product no.: 1194

Here is a wonderful tiger -eye stone mounted on an open ring  by the Danish company Smykkesmeden.  The tiger -eye stone is framed by poured and coiled silver (plate). 

£48.00 *
In stock

Sterling filigree flower ring, size L

Product no.: 0574
Here is a really nice filigree ring, sculpted as a flower. It bears no maker's mark, so I cannot confirm its origin, but it was purchased in Denmark.
£35.00 *
In stock

SZ Sterling silver ring, Size O

Product no.: 0928

Here is a substantial Sterling silver ring by the Danish company Silver Z, established in 2010. 

£55.00 *
In stock

Troels Tin and other Danish pewter rings

Product no.: 0425

Here are 4 chunky 1970s pewter rings from Denmark . All are new, old stock, found in a forgotten drawer of an elderly jewellery retailer.

Please state which one(s) you want on the detailed item page or order form


As it is not a precious metal, pewter can be sent (in the UK) for the lower shipping rate, up to value of £50.  Price difference will be refunded. 


£13.00 *
In stock

W. & S.S Horsens Sterling ring with tiger eye, size O, 7.25, 55

Product no.: 1764

Here is a fabulous modernist Sterling ring set with a large tiger - eye cabochon. It was made by W&SS, (see bio), the silver company of Horsens, a market town on the peninsula of Jutland, Denmark. 

£65.00 *
In stock
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91 - 124 of 124 results