Anton Michelsen 1977 Christmas dessert spoon

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The 1977 Christmas spoon by Anton Michelsen is in 24 carat gold plate on Sterling silver. It featuries a Winter Rose,  and was designed by the Danish artist Poul Hanmann (1915-81). 

Anton Michelsen founded his workshop in 1841 and soon became Crown jeweller and insignia maker to the King, thus becoming expert enamelists.  After the porcelain companies introduced annual Christmas plates, Michelsen decided to commision an artist to design a Christmas spoon. The first one was commissioned in 1910, the last one in 2006.  

Condition: Excellent, little sign of use, no damage to enamel

Marks:  925S 1977 © A.MICHELSEN STERLING DANMARK,  Poul Hanmann signature

Size:  16.6 cm (6.5")

Year: 1977


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