Huge dramatic silvertone pendant on neckring

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Here is a highly original, and most likely one-off,  piece of brutalist abstract art to wear around your neck.  It is unsigned, made of a silver coloured material and bears no marks whatsoever, but purchased in Denmark  The neckring is a thick , flexible rubber material with a ring and hook at either end. Hanging from the hooks are two metal pieces which end in a heart-shape series of metal strips which enclose a large deep brown poilished stone.  

Condition: Excellent

Marks: None

Size:  the pendant is 9 cm  (4.5") long and the stone is some 3 cm deep.  The neckring  is 33.5"  (13.25")  + expansion of  6.5 cm  (2.5") for rings, hooks and top of pendant,=  maximum length  40 cm (15.75")

Year: 1975

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