David-Andersen Sterling silver bangle

David-Andersen Sterling silver bangle

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The leading Norwegian silversmith, David-Andersen, launched a series called ' Saga' in the 1960s. These items took their inspiration from prehistoric finds from the year AD 300 to 1000, later deposited with the Oslo historical museum.

This unusual, substantial and quite rigid Sterling silver  bangle is from the Viking period.  

Condition: Excellent, no visible damage

Marks:  David-Andersen, Norway-Sterling, 925S. Copy, Viking Period

Size:  6.5 x 5.5cm (2.6" x 2..2" ) , 18cm  (7") internal circumfer ence  +  1 cm  (0.4")  gap which expends to 2.5 cm  (1")

Year: 1960s

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