Lapponia Björn Weckström bronze necklace

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Here is a huge bronze pendant, called Mustang,  by lead designer  Björn Weckström for Lapponia of Finland.  It is one of a series of bronze pieces  produced in the 1970s and entitled Flame Bronze as the items were,treated with a special finish, producing a bluish, pinkish  sheen. This was an extremely difficult process, with much of the sheen rubbing off quite quickly. Although nearly 30 different models were designed, not many were produced  They were relaunched for the 50th anniversary of Lapponia and some new pieces may still be available, but not this one. It is supplied with the original, integral chain.

Condition: Excellent, some loss of sheen

Marks: Lapponia BW Finland

Size:  Pendant 9.5 cm ( 3.9") long,  necklace section is 68.5 cm (27") long,  Weight is 95 gm


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