Anton Michelsen Engel 'Grass' earrings, screws

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Gertrud Engel designed many stylised foliage and flowers motifs for Anton Michelsen(see designer profile) in the 1950s. She is Swedish, and her work was produced both in Denmark and by Michelsen's branch in Sweden. These earrings belong to to one of the first series she created, entitled 'Grass', featured in Ginger Moro's book European Designer Jewellery p.250.It 

You could have these converted for pierced ears by cutting off the screw section, leaving you with a hook.  Ask your local jeweller to do this. 

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Condition: Excellent, no visible damage

Marks:  AM Sterling Denmark (on screw)

Size: 1.2" (3cm) long

YEAR: 1950S

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