Anton Michelsen largest enamel Marguerite brooch

Anton Michelsen largest enamel Marguerite brooch

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Designed in 1940 to celebrate the birth of Princess (now Queen) Margrethe, this was Anton Michelsen's (see profile) most successful creation of the 20th century and that success is being repeated in the 21st century since being re-issued by Georg Jensen. The lovely daisy is made of sterling silver, gilt, and with white enamel. The strong white enamel of the petals contrasts with the gold wash in the centre and which frames the petals. The daisy has been made in several sizes, and this example is the largest. I am including a photo of it together with the medium size for comparison. It features one double petal with a line of silver gilt down the middle. The Marguerite daisy is the national flower of Denmark. 

This example is an early original Anton Michelsen piece

Condition: Excellent, no visible damage, clean,  unusual safety clasp,

Marks: AM under crown,  Sterling Denmark, 

Size: 2" (5cm) in diameter .........

Year: 1940s

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