Ortak large Skara Brae pewter earrings in box

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Here is an imposing pair of earrings by the Orkney company of Ortak. These magnificent pewter earrings have hook fittings for pierced ears, but they could be replaced with screws if preferred. The design of the earrings is called Skara Brae, after the neolithic village uncovered on the site of that name, but the design does not relate to this ancient period, rather the more recent Nordic prehistory of the island.

This item qualifies for the lower postal rate in the UK, as pewter is not a precious metal.  As I can only publish one postal rate, I shall refund the difference after you have paid. 

The earrings are supplied in their original box

CONDITION: Excellent, no visible damage

MARKS: Ortak Scotland

SIZE: 2" (5cm) long + hooks

YEAR: 1990s?

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