About us - behind Scandinavian Silver

Who am I?

I was born in England and lived in France, Germany and Denmark before settling in Scotland some 30 years ago. I have always had a deep interest in the fine and the decorative arts, and as a former academic, I make it my business to undertake extensive research into the designers and artists I deal with and collect myself.
I have been trading online with my website Scandinavian Silver since 2008.


Purchasing Policy

I lived in Denmark for over 12 years and have been visiting 4 - 6 times a year since 2000, so I keep up with developments in Scandinavia. Unfortunately prices in Denmark have rocketed over the last few years and it is no longer a buyers' market.   It is no longer possible to buy a Georg Jensen or Hans Hansen  From,  Michelsen or Knudsen piece at a bargain price. Their designs are so well known in Denmark and their signatures so easily recognisable that prices tend to be rather high. And on the international market, the simpler designs by these artists which are appearing in large quantities must be treated with suspicion, as these are easy to copy. There are no fakes on this site. I do try however to select a wide range of products, including other Scandinavian designers, of equal quality and ingenuity to the 'big' names, but without the international fame which has made the leading designers so very expensive.

My pricing policy

My website has probably the most reasonable prices you will find. They are under half of the price you would pay in any land-based shop in the UK.

I sold regularly on ebay between 2004 and 2008 and received a 100% positive feedback. My trading experience has also helped me to estimate pretty accurately what the fair selling price for an item should be, and this is the price I charge on this site. You will hopefully agree that my prices are very reasonable and affordable.  Other sites, including ebay 'buy it now' and those using professional models and photographers, are charging up to five time what I charge.  As I sell 'vintage' and am a small business, I am not required to charge VAT (sales tax), so I don't, and you benefit. As usual, very rare pieces and pieces by the most famous designers command the highest prices, although even for these you will pay less than elsewhere. . On the other hand, pieces which have been exported widely, or which are not currently 'flavour of the month' will be far more affordable. The lower price does not necessarily reflect the quality of the piece.


I haven't got a separate feedback area and I do not currently show items which have been sold, so that means that customers cannot submit standard product ‘evaluations’.  I am not in the business of selling dozens of food processors !

Most of my customers email me their reactions when the package arrives. Here are a couple of recent ones:

Can't believe I have received the above less than 23 hours after buying it! Thank you for such speedy service, & for the item itself. I have a matching pair of earrings, so I am delighted to have the pendant, which is just as described on your site. Thank you. 

" Every piece I have received from you has been of outstanding quality, highly individual and even better than described, hence my loyalty to your site. I've never found any other shop or jewellery source that comes near it, in terms of matching my 'taste'.

But it is also possible to leave comments on the blog, and I would indeed welcome such reactions