Anton Michelsen Eigil Jensen Boomerang brooch

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Here is a famous brooch, much copied in smaller versions. The cool clear lines of the metal will appeal to all lovers of Modernism. It is called Boomerang for obvious reasons, and is so large that it could almost be used as such! It was created by Eigil Jensen, a silversmith who joined Anton Michelsen in 1943 and stayed for 40 YEARs, rising to the post of Production Manager. Although designed in the 1950s, this brooch may have been produced later, as it was very popular.


CONDITION: Excellent. . No visible scratches, nicks or dents. Long straight pin and roll-over safety clasp..........

MARKS: AM under crown, Sterling Denmark, conjoined EJ...............

SIZE: 4" (10.5cm) long...........

YEAR: 1950s

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