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Kupittaan Kulta Finland golfer pendant

Product no.: 0001

I believe this pendant to be by the Finnish company Kupittaan Kulta, even though it does not bear the usual anvil mark, but the makers mark "NB" for Nina Breddal, who marketed products for Kupittaan Kulta in the UK.

Have you seen the elephant pendant (0833) and the fish pendant (0832)?

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Kupittaan Kulta silver/gold elephant pendant + chain

Product no.: 0833

Here is a very rare and interesting pendant by the Finnish silversmith Elis Kauppi of Kupittaan Kulta. The gold-plated elephant figure is set into a flat rectangular frame. 

Have you seen the golfer pendant (0001) and the fish pendant (0832)? 

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N.E.From Sterling citrine pendant

Product no.: 1337

 Here is a fabulous Sterling silver pendant with a large citrine crystal by the Danish master of modernism. Niels Erik From (see bio)

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N.E.From Sterling onyx pendant + chain

Product no.: 1467

Here is a nice little onyx pendant by the Danish modernist master, N.E.From (see bio).  The Sterling silver setting is one of From's favourite designs. The pendant is supplied with a Sterling silver box chain, which can be subsituted for a finer one on request.

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N.E.From Sterling sweater clips

Product no.: 1091

Here is a delightful Sterling silver sweater clip set designed by the renowned Danish silversmith Niels Erik From (see bio) The stylised leaf design has also been used for earrings and brooches. 

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Ola Gorie Sterling silver Tudor necklet

Product no.: 1218

Here is a classically elegant Sterling iilver necklet by the renowned Orkney silversmith Ola Gorie (see bio). The necklet is in the Tudor design.

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New Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica pendant

Product no.: 0934

Here is a very rare opportunity to own a genuine piece of Royal Copenhagen porcelain with handpainted floral motif - a bunch of violas  and gold edging, faithfully copied from the 18th century botanical encyclopedia, Flora Danica.  The porcelain plaque has been set in a silver-tone frame with an integral silver-tone chain..

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Royal Copenhagen Porcelain / A Michelsen / porcelain and gold necklace

Product no.: 1305

Here is an outstanding  and very rare example of the designs produced by the ceramicist Bodil Buch and the silversmith Jens Windfeld Hansen for the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory after it took over Anton Michelsen in 1968.   The large porcelain plaque has a gold inset which is strung horizontally with chains. The chain motif continues up into the choker necklace section

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Royal Copenhagen Porcelain / Michelsen brown chubby heart pendant

Product no.: 1045

This wonderful, tactile heaert pendant looks and feels like a polished stone, but it is made of porcelain and is a product of the collaborative efforts of the designers from the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory and the Anton Michelsen silversmithy after the latter was taken over in 1968.   Chubby at the front, the flattened back bears a silver plaque. The pendant will be supplied with a nice silver chain. 

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Siersbøl Sterling silver Art Nouveau style pendant + chain

Product no.: 1564

Here's a lovely pendant by the prolific Danish silversmith Herman Siersbøl  (see bio). It is in the Danish Art Nouveau (Skønvirke) style, with a central cabochon framed by semi-circles and balls. It is supplied with a nice chain

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Siersbøl Sterling silver multistrand necklace with gilt ball

Product no.: 1499

Here is an unusual and very attractive Sterling silver necklace by the prolific Danish silversmith Herman Siersbøl (see bio). The necklace comprises 15 fine oxidised chain and features a freely moving silver  gilt ball within an equally freely moving  silver receptacle.

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Smykkesmeden silver-tone pendant with stone + chain

Product no.: 1581

Here is a huge stone pendant encased in a silver-plated metal in the brutalist style.  It has an integral chain. It was made by the Danish company Smykkesmeden

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Sterling onyx heart pendant + chain

Product no.: 1397

Here is a delightful onyx heart set in Sterling silver, probably by Aarhus silversmithy Silver Line Designs, registered from 1987-94

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Troels Tin brutalist pewter pendant w huge brown stone

Product no.: 0070

Here is a huge brutalist pendant by the Danish jewllery maker who was probably called Troels. The three prongs of the rectangular frame, textured on the front and sides, smooth on the back, hold an equally huge brown, maybe tiger eye, stone , half-coated in pewter. This is a really solid piece. It is supplied with its chain, made of some other metal. ............. 

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Volmer Bahner black enamel necklace

Product no.: 1011

Here is a wonderfully elegant necklace by the Danish enamel specialist Volmer Bahner (see bio).  The metal is Sterling silver, gilt - the gold appearing along the edges as well as in the pattern on the small square links. The larger links are slightly convex and narrower on the inside than the outside, leading to the perfect circular shape. 

Buy the necklace and the matching bracelet ( item 320) and receive 10% discount on both - cashback.

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Wiggers square pendant with malachite chips

Product no.: 0809

Nice handmade square pendant by the Danish company Wiggers. The rough stone (malachite?) chips are set into the deep silver-plate dish. The pendant is supplied with a long chain.

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WK claw pendant with quartz ball + chain

Product no.: 0402
This interesting pendant features a realistic bird claw holding a ball of light pink quartz. It appears to have been made by the Copenhagen silversmith Wartkes Kirakossian, active since 1975. It is supplied with a fine bead chain.
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ÅA pewter wheel pendant

Product no.: 1034

Here is a substantial  pewter pendant in the shape of a wheel, by a Danish maker with the initials ÅA.  It is supplied  with a base metal chain. 

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91 - 108 of 108 results