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EF Sterling amber necklace

Product no.: 0353
Here is a fabulous necklace set with a nice oval amber 'stone'. It was made by the Danish amber specialist, Einer Fehrn.
£95.00 *
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Royal Copenhagen ceramic heart pendant, black

Product no.: 0376


Here is a wonderful ceramic heart produced by the Royal Copenhagen Manufactory in the early 1970s. The designer was Jens Windfeld Hansen, It has been decorated with golden flowers pressed into the glaze. Two gold rings have been attached to act as a bale. New- old stock I have two of these pendants. Choose between dark blue or black.

£55.00 *
In stock

WK claw pendant with quartz ball + chain

Product no.: 0402
This interesting pendant features a realistic bird claw holding a ball of light pink quartz. It appears to have been made by the Copenhagen silversmith Wartkes Kirakossian, active since 1975. It is supplied with a fine bead chain.
£35.00 *
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Scrouples Sterling pendant with czs + snake chain

Product no.: 0404
Here is a tiny but high quality pendant on a snake chain by the contemporary Danish company of Scrouples.. It features 2 small CZ stones on the satin finish section.
£30.00 *
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N E From skønvirke amber pendant

Product no.: 0658
Here is a gorgeous 'skønvirke' (Danish art nouveau) style amber pendant by the Danish master silversmith Niels Erik From. I chanced upon this gem in a provincial retail shop and purchased it brand new. It still has the original tag.
£69.00 *
In stock

Royal Copenhagen porcelain & silver butterfly necklace

Product no.: 0746

When Royal Copenhagen Porcelain took over the Anton Michelsen silver company in 1968, designers from both disciplines were encouraged to collaborate (see profile). I do not know who the creator of this lovely butterfly was, as it bears no designer mark, Note the beautifully painted gold and black markings on the wings and the silver-gilt antennae, all in pristine condition as this pendant with integral chain was purchased as New old stock.

£75.00 *
In stock

B Hertz Sterling unisex pendant on chain

Product no.: 0792

Here is a nice Sterling slver pendant by the renowned Danish silversmith Bernhard Hertz (see bio).    The chain is threaded through the integral loops, but could also be replaced by a fine leather string for an even stricter or unisex look or if you wanted a longer chain.

£45.00 *
In stock

Sodalite pendant on chain

Product no.: 0798

Here is a sweet claw set sodalite cabochon, purchased in Denmark, but with no maker's mark. 

£28.00 *
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David-Andersen enamel Zodiac sign - TAURUS

Product no.: 0799

Here is one of the sought-after signs of the Zodiac enamel pendants by David-Andersen of Norway, This little beauty features a bull, which is the star sign for TAURUS, the sign of those born between 21 April and 21 May...

£55.00 *
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Jacob Hull torque collar with brutalist pendant

Product no.: 0807

Here is an outstanding necklace by the renowned jewellery artist Jacob Hull, who probably produced the most extreme examples of brutalist jewellery in Denmark during the 1970s and 1980s (see bio).  The photos provide a better description than I can offer. The material is probably silver plate over brass with a tiger eye centre to the pendant.

£185.00 *
In stock

Wiggers square pendant with malachite chips

Product no.: 0809

Nice handmade square pendant by the Danish company Wiggers. The rough stone (malachite?) chips are set into the deep silver-plate dish. The pendant is supplied with a long chain.

£55.00 *
In stock

Kupittaan Kulta silver/gold elephant pendant + chain

Product no.: 0833

Here is a very rare and interesting pendant by the Finnish silversmith Elis Kauppi of Kupittaan Kulta. The gold-plated elephant figure is set into a flat rectangular frame. 

Have you seen the golfer pendant (0001) and the fish pendant (0832)? 

£50.00 *
In stock

Munksgaard Sterling silver grapes necklace

Product no.: 0897

Here is a fabulous mid-century " bunch of grapes"  design for a Sterling silver necklace by the Danish silversmith Munksgaard. 

£149.00 *
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Georg Jensen annual pendant 1997

Product no.: 0919

Here is a beautiful Art Nouveau (Skønvirke) pendant  It is by the leading Danish silversmithy Georg Jensen, who for the past 25 years have issued an Annual Heritage Jewellery Collection. The motif is always taken from the design archive. The 1997 pendant is an exact copy of pendant no.56,  created in the early years, before 1910.  It is supplied with an oxidised paperclip chain, similar to the originals for the Heritage collection

£155.00 *
In stock

N.E.From Sterling narrow collar torque

Product no.: 0959

Here is an extremely wearable Sterling silver flat band torque collar by the Danish modernist master silversmith Niels Erik From (see bio).

£155.00 *
In stock

Royal Copenhagen turquoise porcelain and silver lozenge pendant + chain with box

Product no.: 0985

When Royal Copenhagen Porcelain took over the Anton Michelsen silver company in 1968, designers from both disciplines were encouraged to collaborate (see profile). Here is an example of such collaboration - a fusion of silver and porcelain.

This pendant is a silver-backed turquoise porcelain lozenge, grooved to allow the for the silver-gilt bands which hold it fast to the silver-gilt base. The chain is integral, passing through the silver back.  The pendant is supplied in the original presentation box. 

£95.00 *
In stock

Aksel Holmsen Agnar Skrede amethyst pendant w chain

Product no.: 0995

Here is a bold modernist silver pendant set with an amethyst cabochon by the Norwegian designer Agnar Skrede, for the Norwegian silversmithy Aksel Holmsen. 

£95.00 *
In stock

Volmer Bahner black enamel necklace

Product no.: 1011

Here is a wonderfully elegant necklace by the Danish enamel specialist Volmer Bahner (see bio).  The metal is Sterling silver, gilt - the gold appearing along the edges as well as in the pattern on the small square links. The larger links are slightly convex and narrower on the inside than the outside, leading to the perfect circular shape. 

Buy the necklace and the matching bracelet ( item 320) and receive 10% discount on both - cashback.

£175.00 *
In stock

Aagaard 6 chain silver necklace with charming pendant

Product no.: 1012

Here is an extremely versatile necklace by the contemporary Danish silversmith Jens Johannes Aagaard.  The  Sterling silver necklace has six snake chains, It comes with a small, elegant pendant mounted with a sparkly stone, probably a CZ.   This pendant slips off easiily, so you can ring the changes with other pendants. 

£68.00 *
In stock

DSI Danish silver choker necklace

Product no.: 1013

Here is a nice Sterling silver choker necklace with an integral folded silver pendant. Probably made for Dansk Supermarked Indkoeb in the early 1990s. 

£48.00 *
In stock

ÅA pewter wheel pendant

Product no.: 1034

Here is a substantial  pewter pendant in the shape of a wheel, by a Danish maker with the initials ÅA.  It is supplied  with a base metal chain. 

Lower postal rate applies. Difference refunded after shipping

£22.00 *
In stock

Danish pewter necklace

Product no.: 1036

Here is a fabulous pewter necklace purchased in Denmark, by an unknown maker. It features 8 identical cast links on an integral chain

This item qualifies for lower postal rate - difference refunded after purchase

£29.00 *
In stock

Royal Copenhagen Porcelain / Michelsen brown chubby heart pendant

Product no.: 1045

This wonderful, tactile heaert pendant looks and feels like a polished stone, but it is made of porcelain and is a product of the collaborative efforts of the designers from the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory and the Anton Michelsen silversmithy after the latter was taken over in 1968.   Chubby at the front, the flattened back bears a silver plaque. The pendant will be supplied with a nice silver chain. 

£65.00 *
In stock

N.E.From Sterling sweater clips

Product no.: 1091

Here is a delightful Sterling silver sweater clip set designed by the renowned Danish silversmith Niels Erik From (see bio) The stylised leaf design has also been used for earrings and brooches. 

£65.00 *
In stock

Unmarked Danish modernist amber necklace , N.E.From style

Product no.: 1177

You could be forgiven for thinking this wonderful amber necklace was made by the Danish modernist master, N.E.From. Indeed I have seen it advertised as such on other web sites. But it bears no silver marks at all, so it is being sold here as an anonymous piece, with a correspondingly low price.

£135.00 *
In stock

Danish unpolished amber necklace

Product no.: 1183

Dark amber SOLD

Here are two lovely rough amber necklaces, the amber pieces probably gathered from the shores of the Kattegat. There is one with light (yellow), almost translucent pieces,  alternating small and larger peices. The other has dark (brown) pieces, graduated towards the bottom.  

Lower postage applies

£35.00 *
In stock

Dansk Smykkekunst silvertone Tiger Eye pendant

Product no.: 1193

Here is a fabulous brutalist pendant by the Danish company Dansk Smykkekunst.. The large tiger eye stone is held by poured and coiled silver (plate). It is supplied with the original base metal chain.

£55.00 *
In stock

German Sterling Tiger Eye pendant + chain

Product no.: 1198

Here is a nice modernist pendant, made in Germany.  A small tiger eye stone is suspended from the centre of a silver ring. It is supplied with a nice silver chain.

£33.00 *
In stock

Finland classical silver Tiger Eye pendant + chain

Product no.: 1199

Here is a classically elegant tiger eye pendant set in a raised silver frame and made in Finland. It is supplied with a nice silver chain. 

£45.00 *
In stock

Jacob Hull unica silvertone and stone necklace

Product no.: 1201

Here is an outstanding one-of-a-kind piece of  wearable modern  art  by the highly creative Danish maker Jacob Hull (see bio).  The silver-plated neckpiece is set with two stones, as well as a larger one suspended as a pendant.  The neckpiece hangs from chains at either side. 

£235.00 *
In stock

JeB huge silvertone circles pendant

Product no.: 1204

Here is a huge silvertone pendant in the machine age, brutalist style by the Danish company using the initials J.E.B. I think this may represent John Erik  Boolsen,  Copenhagen, 1961 -84.  Numerous rings have been piled up onto the square plate - looking like the discard from a mechanics workshop.

The pendant has an integral chain

£75.00 *
In stock

Randers Sterling silver rough amethyst pendant + chain

Product no.: 1208

Here is a fabulous and very large rough amethyst stone set in and encircled by Sterling silver. It was made by the Danish silversmithy Randers Silver, which was re- established in 1968.  It is supplied with a nice snake chain, but this can be exchanged for another of your preference

Have you seen the matching arm cuff (item 1207). Buy them both together and receive £10 cashback. 

£95.00 *
In stock

Danish studio brutalist silver pendant

Product no.: 1210

Here is an interesting silver pendant from Denmark.  It bears no marks, but I was assured by the maker's parents that it was silver, and apparently made as an experiment which went wrong.  I think it is quite a successful mistake.  It is supplied with a rather thick, silvertone chain, but I am happy to replace this with a more conventional silver one at no extra cost. Let me know. 

£36.00 *
In stock

Ola Gorie Viking Ship pendant + chain

Product no.: 1215

Here is an interesting Sterling silver Viking ship pendant by Ola Gorie, of Orkney, Scotland (see profile) It is a replica of a Viking ship motif on a coin dating back to around 800 AD found in Hedeby on the Baltic coast.Orkney was invaded by Norsemen 1000 years ago and remained under their rule for 500 YEARs. Nordic influences are still strong. I have previously had this motif as a brooch, but never as a pendant.  It is supplied with a nice (possibly original) silver chain.

£55.00 *
In stock

Ola Gorie Sterling silver Tudor necklet

Product no.: 1218

Here is a classically elegant Sterling iilver necklet by the renowned Orkney silversmith Ola Gorie (see bio). The necklet is in the Tudor design.

£56.00 *
In stock

David-Andersen Sterling silver modernist pendant

Product no.: 1248

Here is a dramatic Sterling silver modernist pendant from the workshop of the leading Norwegian silversmithy, David-Andersen.  The strict symmetry of the descending geometric shapes is broken by the small Thorshammer (hammer of the god Thor) at the base, alluding back to Norway's historical and mythical past. 

£195.00 *
In stock

Alton pendant by Theresia Hvorslev

Product no.: 1250

Here is a very rare opportunity to acquire a wonderful pendant by the renowned Swedish silversmith Theresia Hvorslev for Alton in 1969.  A small silver ball swings freely within the double frame at the base of the pendant.

£245.00 *
In stock
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46 - 82 of 82 results