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Hans Hansen Sterling bangle

Product no.: 0629

Here is a really solid and rigid bangle in an inspired design by Karl Gustav Hansen for his world famous smithy Hans Hansen (see profile). .

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Denmark Wilens silver bracelet

Product no.: 0870

Here is a substantial mid-century silver bracelet by a silversmith who used the stamp WILENS. He was active in the 1940s and maybe later, and I have seen several of his pieces sold at Danish auctions, but have been unable to find further information.

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Smykkesmeden silvertoneTiger Eye bangle

Product no.: 1195

Here is a wonderful tiger -eye stone mounted on a cuff bangle  by the Danish company Smykkesmeden.  The tiger -eye stone is framed by poured and coiled silver (plate). 

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Randers Sterling silver rough amethyst arm cuff

Product no.: 1207

Here is a fabulous Sterling silver armcuff with a rough amethyst stone by the Danish silversmithy Randers Silver, established 1968.

Matching pendant - item 1208

£99.00 *
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Mackintosh style bracelet

Product no.: 1225

Here is a delightful Sterling silver bracelet in the style of Scottish archiitect and designer Charles Rennie |Mackintosh. There is no marker's mark

£28.00 *
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Hugo Grün midcentury silver floral bracelet

Product no.: 1257

Here is a lovely mid-century silver bracelet by the renowned Danish silversmith Hugo Grün (see bio). The flower and foliage motif was extremely popuar from the 1900s onwards, and this design is an excellent example of the late art nouveau style, which continued until the 1950s. 

£85.00 *
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Arne Nordlie Norway silver bracelet with filigree

Product no.: 1341

Here is a delightful traditional silver bracelet with filigree edging by the Norwegian silversmith Arne Nordlie,better known for his enamel work. 

£76.00 *
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Logeskov Tin pewter red bracelet

Product no.: 1418

Here is a funky modernist bracelet by the Danish maker Logeskov tin . Tin means pewter in Danish, and this piece features 5 links, each comprising an oxidised dish with off-centre red cabochon.  This item qualifies for the lower postal rate and the difference will be refunded after purchase.

£43.00 *
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N.E.From Sterling rose quartz bracelet

Product no.: 1464

Here is a lovely rose quartz bracelet by the Danish modernist master Niels Erik From (see bio). The design incorporates From's signature design of an off centre cabochon in a partially oxidised dish. There are 10 of these dishes on this bracelet. It also features From's signature clasp.

£235.00 *
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N.E.From Sterling horseshoe bracelet

Product no.: 1466

Here is a traditional horseshoe bracelet by the renowned Danish silversmith Niels Erik From.  This early piece has been embellished with a flower within each horseshoe.  Have you seen the matching brooch, item 1465?  Buy them both and receive £10 cashback.

£118.00 *
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46 - 55 of 55 results