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Georg Jensen ear screws 'Butterfly'

Product no.: 0202

Here is a wonderful pair of ear screws designed by Edvard Kindt-Larsen for Georg Jensen. They were probably designed in the 1930s or 1940s, as Kindt-Larsen died in the early 1950s, but the simple, functionalist form has made the design a timeless favourite, produced until recently and named 'Butterfly'.

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N.E.From Sterling parure: necklace, bracelet, ear clips

Product no.: 1461

Buy the set or the pieces individually

Here is a lovely jewellery set by the Danish modernist master Niels Erik From. The set comprises a necklace, bracelet and ear clips.  All three feature a stylised leaf. The links are quite lightweight. The necklace has a long extension chain. 

£235.00 *
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Georg Jensen onyx year clips 2004

Product no.: 0635

For nearly 30 years, Georg Jensen has followed a tradition of launching an Annual Heritage Jewellery Collection. The 2004 centenary collection was base on a 1904 design by Georg Jensen, which I have seen on his brooch no.164. The 2004 version was produced with a plain silver cabochon as well as the onyx cabochon offered here

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Holt green enamel clips

Product no.: 0269

Here is a nice pair of guilloche enamel clips by the popular Norwegian silversmith Ivar T Holt.

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Huge silver ART drop earrings for pierced ears

Product no.: 1098

Here is a very large pair of Sterling silver earrings with integral hooks for pierced ears.  Purchased in Denmark, they were made by a company using the mark ART,.

£33.00 *
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Kjeld Hansen geometric pewter earrings

Product no.: 1037

Here is a large pair of pewter earrings by the Danish maker Kjeld Hansen. They have fittings for peirced ears.

This item qualifies for a lower postal rate - difference will be refunded after purchase

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N E From silver modernist foliage ear clips

Product no.: 0092

Here is a gorgeous pair of Sterling silver stylised foliage ear clips by the renowned Danish silversmith Niels Erik From (see profile) 


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N.E.From Sterling parure: necklace, bracelet, ear clips, brooch

Product no.: 1326

Available as the set or indivdual pieces.

Here is a rare opportunity to acquire a whole set of jewellery by the Danish modernist master N.E.From (see bio).  There is a wonderful stylised leaf necklace with matching bracelet, brooch and ear clips. Buy the whole set for £395 or the individual items separately from £50. 

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Ortak Skara Brae pewter earrings w/box

Product no.: 0562

Here is an imposing pair of earrings by the Orkney company of Ortak. These magnificent pewter earrings have hook fittings for pierced ears, but they could be replaced with screws if preferred. The design of the earrings is called Skara Brae, after the neolithic village uncovered on the site of that name, but the design does not relate to this ancient period, rather the more recent Nordic prehistory of the island.The earrings are supplied in their original box. This item qualifies for the lower postal rate in the UK, as pewter is not a precious metal

£28.00 *
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R&GH silver gilt foliage ear clips

Product no.: 0131

These lovely foliage ear clips appear to have been a collaborative production by Brdr R & G Hansen, 1946-56 and C. A Christensens Eftf 1937-1973

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Satin fiinish Sterling drop earrings with cz

Product no.: 0406

Here is a lovely pair of Sterling silver drop earrings with secure fittings for pierced ears. These may not be the originals, as the drops themselves bear no marks, which may have been on the originals. The earrings have a satin finish and feature a clear CZ stone. 

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Silver BAS clip earrings

Product no.: 1103

Lovely cast silver ear clips, purchased in Denmark but probably from Germany due to the silver mark.and the unknown maker's mark. 

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Silver daisy earrings with screws

Product no.: 1100

Here is a delicate pair of daisy screw earrings, origin unknown. The screws can be replaced with hooks for pierced ears. Let me know if required. 

£25.00 *
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Sterling Celtic knot earrings - for pierced ears

Product no.: 0567
One of the intricate patterns of Celtic knotwork found on stones, jewellery and religious scripts across Northern Europe is replicated here on these delightful Sterling silver ear drops, with posts and butterfly backs for pierced ears. Unfortunately there is no maker's mark to reveal who made these little gems.  
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46 - 59 of 59 results