Kalevala Koru bronze Suotniemi brooch

Kalevala Koru bronze Suotniemi brooch

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Kalevala Koru is a Finnish jewellery maker which started its activitties in the 1930s during the growing awareness of Finnish identity and heritage, specialising in replicas of historical finds..  he prototype for this piece was a circular gold-plated silver brooch found at Suotniemi in Käkisalmi. The ornamentation of this unique find, which dates from the 13th century, is the palmette motif used in ancient Greece. This particular brooch probably came to Finland from Sweden

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Condition: Excellent, no visible damage, C-clasp

Marks: Made in Finland, KK logo

Size:   1.5" ( 3.9cm) diameter

Year: 1970s?


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