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N.E.From Sterling silver necklace

Product no.: 1455

Here is a fabulous Sterling silver modernist necklace by the renowned Danish silversmith Niels Erik From (see bio). The necklace features softly convex and triangular, kidney bean shaped links,  which were the latest in modernist design in the 1960s. It also features From's iconic signature clasp.

£275.00 *
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N.E.From Sterling amber pendant + chain

Product no.: 1456

Here is a fabulous modernist pendant by the renowned Danish silversmith Niels Erik From (see bio). It features a large amber 'stone'. It is supplied with a nice box chain

£175.00 *
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N.E.From Sterling onyx pendant + chain

Product no.: 1467

Here is a nice little onyx pendant by the Danish modernist master, N.E.From (see bio).  The Sterling silver setting is one of From's favourite designs. The pendant is supplied with a Sterling silver box chain, which can be subsituted for a finer one on request.

£75.00 *
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Harry Pedersen gilt Sterling white guilloche enamel necklace

Product no.: 1473

Here is a charming necklace by the lesser known Norwegian silversmith Harry Pedersen, working in Bergen from 1967.  It comprises 7 links + chain,  incorporating 2 different designs, each with intricate guilloche patterning under the white enamel and finished with gold detail.   I've never seen this item before.

£175.00 *
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Hugo Grün small silver deer pendant + chain

Product no.: 1484

Here is a delightful little silver deer  pendant by the respected Danish silversmith Hugo Grün, whose workshop in Copenhagen existed from 1918 to 1985.

£48.00 *
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Palle Bisgaard Sterling abalone pendant

Product no.: 1489

Outstanding and rare weighty Sterling silver and abalone pendant by the sought-after Danish modernist master Palle Bisgaard.  The abalone shell is set in a thick slab of silver which is concave, allowing multiple colour variations to reflect from the abalone shell.

£88.00 *
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Siersbøl Sterling silver multistrand necklace with gilt ball

Product no.: 1499

Here is an unusual and very attractive Sterling silver necklace by the prolific Danish silversmith Herman Siersbøl (see bio). The necklace comprises 15 fine oxidised chain and features a freely moving silver  gilt ball within an equally freely moving  silver receptacle.

£125.00 *
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New Magnussen Sterling silver Viking ship pendant + chain

Product no.: 1501

Here is a nice Viking ship pendant by the Danish silversmith  Frans Magnussen, whose workshop in Roskilde was registered from 1969-84. The esign is a replica of a picture found on a stone in Gotland, off the east coast of Sweden, estimated to have been made in the 8th century.  It is supplied with a nice Sterling silver chain.

£55.00 *
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New Ola Gorie Sterling Pictish Crescent and V rod pendant

Product no.: 1510

Here is an outstanding Sterling silver pendant made by the renowned Orkney silversmith, Ola Gorie (see bio).  The design of this large pendant is taken from an 8th century Pictish stone found during excavations in the Brough of Birsay, Orkney.  It features a number of enigmatic Pictish symbols, including this so-called Crescent and V-rod. It is supplied with a nice silver chain.

£120.00 *
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New F.S. Kristensen Sterling silver and bone Inuit Ulu knife pendant + chain

Product no.: 1512

The Ulu is an Inuit knife still used by women to skin seals and other household items continuing a tradition dating back to 2500 BC,    This Sterling silver miniature replica of a Greenland Ulu was made by the Danish silversmith Frank Steen Kristensen, who worked in Vejle between 1962 and 1995. The pendant is supplied with a nice silver chain.

£55.00 *
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New Iceland Sterling silver Ægishalmur pendant

Product no.: 1513

It may look like a snowflake but this interesting Sterling silver pendant is actually a representation of one of the most famous Icelandic  magical staves , the Ægishalmur - the Helm of awe (or helm of terror);  which was originally used by the Vikings to induce fear and to protect against abuse of power. The Icelandic silversmith, whose monogram I have seen before, remains a mystery to me. It is supplied with a nce Sterling silver chain. 

£60.00 *
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New Iceland silver Draumstafir pendant

Product no.: 1514

Here is an interesting pendant from Iceland. I have identified it as one of the magical staves of mediaeval Iceland which symbolised dreaming of unfulfilled desires.  The design may relate back to runic writing. The silversmith's mark remains elusive.  Supplied with a nice silver chain.

£48.00 *
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Volmer Bahner white teardrop necklace

Product no.: 1443

Here is an outstanding white enamel necklace by the highly creative Danish silversmith Volmer Bahner (see bio). The necklace has numerous white guilloché enamel links in the shape of tear drops. The enamel is set against a plain silver background. 

£185.00 *
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MEKA black enamel pendant

Product no.: 1449

Here is a striking black enamel on silver-tone metal pendant by the Danish company Meka Reklamegaver -who were based in Holte 1951 - 1989.  It will be supplied with a matching chain.

£38.00 *
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Anton Michelsen Marguerite enamel pendant and chain

Product no.: 0107

Designed in 1940 to celebrate the birth of Princess (now Queen) Margrethe, this daisy was Anton Michelsen's (see profile) most successful creation of the 20th century and that success is being repeated in the 21st century since being re-issued by Georg Jensen. The strong white enamel of the petals contrasts with the gold wash and the centre and which frame the petals. The Marguerite daisy is the national flower of Denmark. This example is an original Anton Michelsen piece (pre 1968), supplied with a gold-plated Sterling silver chain .

£115.00 *
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Jørgen Jensen pewter necklace

Product no.: 0371

Here is a fabulous modernist pendant by the Danish pewter specialist Jørgen Jensen. The two concave dishes are set with amethyst coloured glass cabochons and are attached to a rod which hangs from the original chain. This item qualifies for the lower, non+precious metal, postal rate

£35.00 *
In stock

Jørgen Jensen 3 dishes pewter pendant

Product no.: 1413

Here is a fabulous modernist pendant by the Danish pewter specialist Jørgen Jensen. The three concave dishes are set with lapis  coloured composite cabochons and are attached to a rod which hangs from a long metal chain. This item qualifies for the lower, non+precious metal, postal rate. Difference will be refunded after purchase.

£48.00 *
In stock

Jyde-Kunst pewter red pendant

Product no.: 1419

Here is a nice pewter pendant by the Danish company Jyde Kunst (Jutland art). It features a transparent red cabochon (plastic?)  and would be a good match for the Logeskov bracelet, item 1418.  On its own, it qualifies for the lower postal rate an the difference will be refunded after purchase.  It is supplied with a pewter-coloured metal chain. 

£19.00 *
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Jyde-Kunst pewter psychedelic pendant

Product no.: 1420

Here is an interesting pewter pendant by the Danish company Jyde Kunst (Jutland art). It features a transparent gem cut plastic (?) centre, under which you can see a psychedelic pattern from certain angles.  it qualifies for the lower postal rate and the difference will be refunded after purchase.  It is supplied with a dark metal chain. 

£24.00 *
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Lapponia Weckström Sterling machine age necklace

Product no.: 1363

Here is a wonderful silver pendant with integral necklace by the acclaimed designer Bjorn Weckström for the leading Finnish silversmithy Lapponia (see bio).  The pendant is typical of  Weckström's work, with a design loosely based on his Flame bronze machine-age series of 1969, in particular  'Springfield', as well as the the satin -silk finish of the product. 

£245.00 *
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Jorma Laine Kultateollisuus Ky silver necklace

Product no.: 1366

 Here is a delightful silver necklace designed by the Finnish artist Jorma Laine for  the Finnish company Kultateollisuus Ky, registered in Turku from 1957 to 2008. 

£145.00 *
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Kultateollisuus Ky silver necklace

Product no.: 1367

This attractive Sterling silver modernist necklace bears all the design traits of the Finnish silversmith  Jorma Laine for Kultateollisuus Ky, ( I have seen many examples online and have included a photo of one such here) even though it is marked by the Danish firm Hugo Grün.  Grün was established in 1918 and produced jewellery and hollowware in the styles of successive periods, but for several decades before their closure in 1985, the company was a wholesaler rather than a producer.  This necklace was obviously imported from Finland and stamped and retailed by Hugo Grün.  

£125.00 *
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Kupittaan Kulta goldstone pendant + chain

Product no.: 1368

Here is a wonderful two-layered Sterling silver pendant featuring a  diamond-shaped goldstone cabochon. It was made by the acclaimed Finnish silversmith Ellis Kauppi for his company Kupittaan Kulta,  which ws based in Turku, Finland, from 1945 to 1997.  Much of his work was exported and as in this case, was not dated. 

£125.00 *
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Salovaara Sterling siver smoky quartz pendant + chain

Product no.: 1375

Here is an unusual modernistSterling silver pendant featuring three facetted smoky quartz stones It was made by the popular Finnish silversmithyKultaseppa Salovaara who were based in Turku from 1955-88.  It is supplied with a Sterling silver snake chain.

£65.00 *
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Finland bronze and amethyst pendant + chain

Product no.: 1384

Here is a fabulous bronze pendant from Finland in an abstract sculptural design.  It features a large oval rough amethyst stone. . I have not been able to identify the maker. It is supplied with a nice, bronze-coloured chain (not original).

£85.00 *
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N.E.From Sterling collar decoration

Product no.: 0958

Here is an interesting piece by the Danish master silversmith Niels Erik From (see bio). It stems from an era during which silversmiths created decorations for men to wear around their shirt collars instead of silk ties. This 'bolo' fashion was shortlived, as Danes gave up wearing formal button-up shirts altogether.  Tie section can be disconnected and worn on a neckring. 

£145.00 *
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Carrick silver Mackintosh pendant and chain

Product no.: 1001

Here is a perenially popular design inspired by the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the Glasgow architect/designer whose work was admired by the Vienna Secessionists, but not recognised in the UK in his own lifetime.  It was designed and made by the Glasgow silversmith, Carrick Jewellery Ltd.  

£33.00 *
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Flora Danica silver gilt parsley pendant + chain

Product no.: 1263

In 1953 The Danish silversmith Eggert was inspired to create moulds from the herbs and flowers of his garden and turn these into enchanting pieces of jewellery by layering the silver base with 18 ct gold. The parsley has probably been the company's most enduringly popular range, with millions of sprigs of parsley transformed into brooches, pendants, earrings etc - each one is different.   It is supplied with a silver gilt necklace. 

£48.00 *
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Anton Michelsen Royal Copenhagen silver-backed blue heart pendant + chain

Product no.: 1385

Here is a lovely blue porcelain heart set in a solid silver dish. It was made by the renowned Danish silversmithy Anton Michelsen after its takeover by Royal Copenhagen Porcelain and demonstrates the creativity of the cooperation of silversmiths and ceramicists after the takeover

£95.00 *
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N.E.From Sterling parure: necklace, bracelet, ear clips

Product no.: 1461

Buy the set or the pieces individually

Here is a lovely jewellery set by the Danish modernist master Niels Erik From. The set comprises a necklace, bracelet and ear clips.  All three feature a stylised leaf. The links are quite lightweight. The necklace has a long extension chain. 

£235.00 *
In stock

Georg Jensen 2007 'Silver Air' heart pendant in box

Product no.: 1389

In the mid 1990s Georg Jensen introduced an annual series featuring hearts reinterpreted by their associated designers/ artists.  Here is the 2007 model, designed by Jacqueline Rabun.   It was purchased as new old stock, still in its sealed box, which I have not opened. 

£125.00 *
In stock

Peter von Post Sterling hearts pendant + chain

Product no.: 1392

Here is a stunning and extremely rare Sterling silver pendant by the Swedish silversmith Peter von Post, whose most active design period was the 1970s. This highly original design features 7 concave hearts with a small convex heart at the top.

£125.00 *
In stock

Siersbøl huge Sterling heart pendant + chain

Product no.: 1394

Here is a huge open heart pendant by the prolific Danish silversmith Herman Siersbøl (see  bio).  It is supplied with a nice silver chain

£68.00 *
In stock

Sterling onyx heart pendant + chain

Product no.: 1397

Here is a delightful onyx heart set in Sterling silver, probably by Aarhus silversmithy Silver Line Designs, registered from 1987-94

£28.00 *
In stock

N.E.From Sterling citrine pendant

Product no.: 1337

 Here is a fabulous Sterling silver pendant with a large citrine crystal by the Danish master of modernism. Niels Erik From (see bio)

£145.00 *
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Tone Vigeland, Norway Plus, Sterling pendant and torc

Product no.: 1345

Here is an extremely rare opportunity to purchase a wonderful Tone Vigeland pendant with its matching torc.  This superb modernist piece was created by Vigeland whilst she was apprenticed to and working for the innovative Norway Plus Designs studio from 1959 and throughout the 1960s. (See biography).  The hand-hammered convex section of the pendant encloses a jadeite stone suspended from the top.   The torc is flexible. It has been hammered flat on the sides and has small balls at the ends.

£395.00 *
In stock

Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica pendant

Product no.: 0934

Here is a very rare opportunity to own a genuine piece of Royal Copenhagen porcelain with handpainted floral motif - a bunch of violas  and gold edging, faithfully copied from the 18th century botanical encyclopedia, Flora Danica.  The porcelain plaque has been set in a silver-tone frame with an integral silver-tone chain..

£125.00 *
In stock

Royal Copenhagen Porcelain / A Michelsen / porcelain and gold necklace

Product no.: 1305

Here is an outstanding  and very rare example of the designs produced by the ceramicist Bodil Buch and the silversmith Jens Windfeld Hansen for the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory after it took over Anton Michelsen in 1968.   The large porcelain plaque has a gold inset which is strung horizontally with chains. The chain motif continues up into the choker necklace section

£375.00 *
In stock

Kupittaan Kulta Finland golfer pendant

Product no.: 0001

I believe this pendant to be by the Finnish company Kupittaan Kulta, even though it does not bear the usual anvil mark, but the makers mark "NB" for Nina Breddal, who marketed products for Kupittaan Kulta in the UK.

Have you seen the elephant pendant (0833) and the fish pendant (0832)?

£40.00 *
Old price £45.00
In stock

Troels Tin brutalist pewter pendant w huge brown stone

Product no.: 0070

Here is a huge brutalist pendant by the Danish jewllery maker who was probably called Troels. The three prongs of the rectangular frame, textured on the front and sides, smooth on the back, hold an equally huge brown, maybe tiger eye, stone , half-coated in pewter. This is a really solid piece. It is supplied with its chain, made of some other metal. ............. 

£30.00 *
Old price £36.00
In stock

Sterling faux ivory pendant & chain

Product no.: 0212

Lovely circular pendant with a faux ivory insert. Purchased in Denmark but I have not been able to identify the maker's mark. This item can be sent for the lower shipping rate.

£22.00 *
Old price £27.00
In stock

Salovaara (copy?)smoky quartz pendant + chain

Product no.: 0221
Here is an absolutely typical Kultaseppa Salovaara piece, a geometric three-dimensional pendant set with a flawless facetted smoky quartz stone, unfortunately fitted with a bale with other markings- so maybe it is a copy - hence the reduced price.
£35.00 *
In stock

Einer Fehrn Sterling amber pebble pendant + chain

Product no.: 0253

Lovely little pendant by the Danish amber specialist Einer Fehrn

£28.00 *
In stock

N.E.From Sterling parure: necklace, bracelet, ear clips, brooch

Product no.: 1326

Available as the set or indivdual pieces.

Here is a rare opportunity to acquire a whole set of jewellery by the Danish modernist master N.E.From (see bio).  There is a wonderful stylised leaf necklace with matching bracelet, brooch and ear clips. Buy the whole set for £395 or the individual items separately from £50. 

£395.00 *
In stock

Willy Winnæss 'planet' pendant

Product no.: 0300

Here is an opportunity to buy this famous pendant by Willy Winnæss, who also designed enamel pieces for David-Andersen, including leaves and the wave pattern. This pendant is from his own studio. I can also supply the pendant with a chain

£42.00 *
In stock
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