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Brandt Design plastic bangle, earclips and cotton scarf

Product no.: 1425

Here is a 1980s accessories set in cotton and plastic by the Danish company Brandt Design. The set comprises a plastic coated bangle and earclips as well as a square cotton scarf, all in the same design.  These are new, old stock, never worn. Choose between the blue or the purple set or buy them both for £55. 

One item qualifies for the lower postal rate. Difference will be refunded after purchase

£30.00 *
In stock

New JEMAX white daisy pendant + ear clips

Product no.: 1447

Here is an exquiste white guilloche enamel  and vermeil set, comprising a daisy pendant and matching ear clips,  from the Jemax workshop of the Danish silversmith Max Standager, registered in Copenhagen from 1961 to 83.  

£95.00 *
In stock

New Poul Warmind Sterling blue and black enamel brooch and ear clips

Product no.: 1448

Here is a very rare set comprising a modernist Sterling silver brooch and ear clips by the Danish silversmith Poul Warmind, whose workshop in Kirke Såby was registered from 1963 to 83.  Warmind perfected a technique of matt enamelling, and this set displays this craft at its best. 

£145.00 *
In stock

New N.E.From Sterling parure: necklace, bracelet, ear clips

Product no.: 1461

Buy the set or the pieces individually

Here is a lovely jewellery set by the Danish modernist master Niels Erik From. The set comprises a necklace, bracelet and ear clips.  All three feature a stylised leaf. The links are quite lightweight. The necklace has a long extension chain. 

£235.00 *
In stock

Hans Hansen boomerang brooch and ear clips

Product no.: 0411

Here is an iconic set from the workshop of Hans Hansen (see bio), designed by Bent Gabrielsen. It was later adopted by Georg Jensen and named 'Peak'. You can buy the brooch separately, item 0062

£195.00 *
In stock

Hroar Prydz Sterling silver red enamel heart pendant and ear studs

Product no.: 1386

Here is a fabulous set comprising a Sterling silver red guilloche enamel pendant and matching earrings for pierced ears. They were made by the esteemed Norwegian silversmith Hroar Prydz.. 

£95.00 *
In stock

Norway Sterling Thulite pendant and ear studs

Product no.: 1340

Thulite, first found in 1820,  is the national stone of Norway, whose ancient name was Thule.  Here is a lovely little set, unused and in its oriiginal box. It consists of a small pendant and chain with matching cabochon ear studs. 


£48.00 *
In stock

Denmark B Margossian leaf brooch & clip earrings

Product no.: 0091

Here is a fabulous set, consisting of brooch and matching clip earrings, made by B Margossian, who was registered in Copenhagen from 1973 to 1982. Margossian's work is characterised by high quality and bold designs, either abstract or as here, in stylised organic forms. The brooch has three  long flowing stylised leaves, with beading along the middle of each one enhancing the sense of movement. This is replicated in the earrings, with just three, smaller leaves.

£75.00 *
In stock

COF Sterling foliage ring and earrings (studs)

Product no.: 0093

Here is a very rare set consisting of a matching ring and pair of earrings. I think these were produced by the esteemed Danish silversmith Carl Ove Frydensberg, but cannot be 100% sure as the mark on the ring is very unclear and there are no MARKS at all on the earrings.

£55.00 *
In stock

Siersbøl Sterling leaf necklace and bracelet

Product no.: 0094

Here is a pretty necklace and matching bracelet, the links of which consist of small stylised leaves. They were made by the prolific Danish silversmith Herman Siersbøl(see profile).

£120.00 *
Old price £135.00
In stock

Holt blue enamel leaves set

Product no.: 0095

Here is a blue enamel brooch/pin and matching earrings (clips) by the renowned Norwegian enamelist Ivar T.Holt. The Sterling silver base has been vermeilled (gilt) and the leaf sections guilloched (machine turned pattern), onto which the enamel was then applied.

£80.00 *
In stock

Finnfeelings rock crystal pendant, ring and earrings set

Product no.: 0369

Here is a wonderful , new old stock Sterling set with rock crystals by the well-known Finnish partnership of Sten & Laine, who also branded their jewellery under the name of Finnfeelings. This design is seen quite often, but both the pendant and the ring are in the large size. The ring has a split shank so will fit several sizes. The earrings have posts for pierced ears. The set is supplied in the original Finnfeelings presentation box.

£195.00 *
In stock

Scharning Sterling vermeil green enamel brooch & earclips set

Product no.: 0050

Here is an outstanding silver gilt guilloche enamel brooch and earrings set by the Norwegian silversmith Albert Scharning. This is a modernist design through and through, from the abstract geometic guilloche pattern underneath the enamel to the folded over sheet of metal, revealing the gold back and edging.

£95.00 *
In stock

Volmer Bahner yellow or blue cala lily brooch & ear clips

Product no.: 0689

Here is one of the Danish enamellist's Volmer Bahner's most famous designs for adults, the stylised cala lily. The set comprises the large brooch and matching small earrings,  available in YELLOW or BLUE. The brooch is available seperately in white, blue or green. ( see item 194)

£125.00 *
In stock

A&K Sterling foliage necklace, brooch and ear clips

Product no.: 0707

Here is a fabulous set made by the distinguished silversmiths Aarre & Krogs Eftf (see profile). One of their most popular designs was this stylised leaf. In this version, the leaf is grooved and acts as a dish for the ribbed stamen. The set comprises a 19" necklace, a 6 leaf brooch (a 7 leaf version is available separately as item 0706) and a pair of double leaf earclips.

£235.00 *
In stock

Fyrbo Ceramic brooch & clips

Product no.: 0725

Lovely vintage ceramic set by the Danish artist-craftsman astrid Fyrbo. Rather than the usual abstract shapes, Astrid has decorated these pieces inspired by the natural world and maybe even Japan.

£38.00 *
In stock

Siersbøl Sterling necklace & bangle bracelet

Product no.: 0726

Here is a fabulous necklace and matching bracelet by that prolific Danish silversmith Herman Siersbøl (see bio). The design of the central section is replicated on the bangle bracelet. This has a wide hinged opening.

£115.00 *
In stock

TSR sterling brooch & clips

Product no.: 0729

Here is a nice stylised leaf set by the Danish silversmith Theodor Skat Rørdam, who worked from 1958 to 1983.

£75.00 *
In stock

Hroar Prydz blue enamel brooch & ear clips

Product no.: 0730

Here is a fabulous set by the leading Norwegian enamelist Hroar Prydz. The brooch has a trefoil design, one of which is replicated in the ar clips. The guilloche pattern is coated in a rich blue enamel, offset by the gilt frame.

£95.00 *
In stock

CJL Carrick Mackintosh rose inspired pendant + ear studs in box

Product no.: 1003

Delightful pendant on chain with matching ear studs for pierced ears,  design inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and made by the contemporary Glasgow silversmith Carrick Jewellery Ltd.

£42.00 *
In stock

David-Andersen Winnæss yellow brooch and ear clips set

Product no.: 1131

Here is a delightful bright yellow guilloche enamel set by the leading Norwegian silversmith David-Andersen (see bio). The extremely popular leaf design was created by Willy Winnæss. The set comprises a four leaf brooch and two leaf earclips.

£115.00 *
In stock

Jemax yellow enamel pendant and ear clips

Product no.: 1133

Here's a lovely silver gilt guilloche enamel set by the Danish silversmith Max Standager of Jemax, registered 1961 to 83. It comprises matching earclips and a pendant with chain.

£85.00 *
In stock

Einar Modahl Sterling modernist enamel brooch & ear clips

Product no.: 1153

Here is a wonderful sculptural abstract modernist enamel brooch by the Norwegian silversmith Einar Modahl.  The originally circular shape has been swept upwards at the sides and down at the bottom. The guilloche surface has been etched with a pattern resembling rain on a windowpane before the last layer of enamel was applied. The earclips replicate this innovative design.

£95.00 *
In stock

Volmer Bahner red enamel butterflies neckace & bracelet & earclips & broooch

Product no.: 1157

Here is a probably unique opportunity to acquire an entire parure or suite of jewellery by the famous Danish enamellist Volmer Bahner (see bio).  The miniature butterfly was one of his favourite motifs, and here is a necklace, bracelet, ear clips and brooch in Sterling silver and red enamel butterflies. 

£350.00 *
In stock

Jemax red enamel leaf pendant & ear clips

Product no.: 1158

Here's a lovely silver guilloche red enamel leaf set by the Danish silversmith Max Standager of Jemax, registered 1961 to 83. It comprises matching earclips and a pendant with chain. The earclips are silver gilt, the pendant is not gilt. 

£75.00 *
In stock

N.E.From Sterling parure: necklace, bracelet, ear clips, brooch

Product no.: 1326

Available as the set or indivdual pieces.

Here is a rare opportunity to acquire a whole set of jewellery by the Danish modernist master N.E.From (see bio).  There is a wonderful stylised leaf necklace with matching bracelet, brooch and ear clips. Buy the whole set for £395 or the individual items separately from £50. 

£395.00 *
In stock

Meka Sterling enamel star brooch and clips

Product no.: 0728

Here is a fabulous modernist set by the Danish company Meka Reklamegaver -who were based in Holte 1951 - 1989.. The large Stering silver brooch is in the shape of a freeform star, accentuated by the guilloche pattern of radiating lines. Light blue enamel has been applied to the central, slightly concave area. The pattern is replicated in the small ear clips.

Buy the set for £88 or buy the brooch for £55 and the earclips for £35.

£88.00 *
In stock

Sarpaneva bronze amethyst necklace, bracelet, ring & earclips

Product no.: 0555

Here is a possibly unique opportunity to acquire a complete matching set of jewellery by the Finnish artist Pentti Sarpaneva (see bio). This is also one of his most outstanding designs, with softly squared chunks of rough amethyst set into the substantial cast bronze design. The set comprises pendant on integral chain, bracelet, ring and ear clips.:, e

Buy the whole set for £235, or individual parts as follows:  necklace £75, bracelet £95, ring £50, earlips £35

£235.00 *
In stock

Rauff Sterling silver necklace with ear studs

Product no.: 1009

Here is a wonderfully original creation by the Danish silversmith Pia Rauff, who started producing very high quality jewellery twenty-five years ago.  Five pointed ellipses hold the oxidised silver chain between them, the last of which have gaps so they may be joined together. The matching ear studs are small versions of the ellipses. 

£115.00 *
In stock
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