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     Coming soon:  Danish silver with  Crystal, Lapis lazuli,  Turquoise, or Chrysoprase .


 LOWER COSTS FOR OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS.  I have always considered myself to be a European. I have lived and worked in France, Germany, Austria and Denmark and speak French, German and Danish.

I sincerely regret the recent decision to leave the Eu - it was not my choice, nor that of the other 75% of my fellow citizens in Edinburgh.  The immediate reaction of the world market was negative, and the UK Pound Sterling tumbled.  Of course that means that it has become cheaper for my overseas customers, and I have already noticed an increase in orders from overseas.

In the long run however, it will be more expensive for me to buy new stock on the continent, and I may even have to pay an import duty, so inevitably my prices will rise. So all customers would do well to buy now from my current stock, purchased before the pound dropped in value.  

Welcome to my web site featuring a wide range of affordable vintage jewellery from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Scotland and Germany. I specialise in vintage modernist Scandinavian silver jewellery but also carry some silver-plate, pewter, bronze and ceramic jewellery. Whilst the majority of them fall into the category of Danish Design / Scandinavian Modern, I have also included Viking and Celtic designs as well as Art Nouveau and Art Dec

 1021  Lapponia Shuttle ring, size N /7                                                             0413 Hans Hansen cufflinks 630                  

1015_Lapponia_shuttle_ring                   0216_HaH_cuffs_630


Makers/designers include

from Denmark:

Georg Jensen, Hans Hansen, Anton Michelsen, N E From, Arne Johansen, Bent Knudsen, Palle Bisgaard,  Aagaard, Bernhard Hertz, Siersbøl, Eiler & Marløe, Volmer Bahner, Aarre & Krogh, Einer Fehrn, Poul Warmind, Jacob Hull and Jørgen Jensen. 

From Finland:

Lapponia,  Elis Kauppi, Salovaara, Matti Hyvarinen and Pentti Sarpaneva. 

From Norway: David Andersen, Norway Plus Designs and the enamalists Holt, Holmsen Scharning and Hroar Prydz ;

Alton from Sweden as well as Ola Gorie and Ortak from Scotland.

The site aims to be informative as well as a sales channel, so do take the time to look up the short biographies on the designers/manufacturers, listed in alphabetical order by country under the menu item 'Designers and makers' .


The shop is designed both for the casual browser, who may wish to search for a specific item (product) type, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings or cufflinks, as well as the seasoned collector, who will probably want to search by designer/manufacturer/maker. Items are listed by their entry number, with the newest additions at the end, but you may also select just the latest additions within each category. Click on 'new only'.   

Prices are listed in £ GB Pounds.  There is no V.A.T (value added tax) on any item, to any destination. Shipping charges  are added when you place an order as these will vary by your delivery country. Shipping rates  (flat rate by total value of your order) and other practical information can be viewed on the 'footer' and 'menu'  .

Sold items are not displayed on the website. It is therefore not possible to use the 'evaluation' facility to leave your comments on either the product or the service received. But you may do so on my BLOG at



NO VALUATION SERVICE: As I have been overwhelmed with requests for identification and valuation. I regret that I AM NO LONGER ABLE to provide this service. Reliable auction prices can be found by looking at ebay completed sales for the relevant items

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